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We will work with you to 
determine what you need
in a website. From a basic
static site, to a feature
rich site including a photo
gallery, online store, forum
and much much more. 

Once we have determined
your specific needs, we will
work with you to build the
site to your specifications.
Throughout the entire build
process, we will communicate
with you to keep up with any
details you would like changed.
Long after your website
is finished, we will be
available for you. Any
time you need something
changed, updated, or
tweaked, we are only a
phone call or e-mail away. 


There is a lot more to building a website than just the actual building of the site. 

We will start by sitting down and discussing why you want or need a website. This will help us to determine an initial concept of what your site will need to include in regards to layout and features.


We build websites using a very powerful system called Joomla. Joomla is a very powerful, expandable, and adaptable Content Management System (CMS). The advantage of a CMS is that you, as the site owner have the ability to log in to a powerful yet easy to use Administrative Back End section that will allow you access to edit the content on your entire site using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that is as easy to use as Microsoft Word. This means that your site can remain dynamic and fresh as you can update information easily on a regular basis. This being said, we are not going to build your site then abandon you on to take care of the site on your own. We are committed to being here to serve your website needs for as long as you need us. 

Joomla is a highly expandable system that has thousands of extensions and add-ons available to permit the system to do just about anything you want or need it to. We will be honest and admit right now that the Joomla Core itself is actually a free program however, many of the professional extensions and add-ons that make the Core program do everything else it needs to do for a fully functional website are not free. We have purchased Developers Licenses for these extensions that permit us to use them on all of our clients websites. In addition, a big part of what JTL Web Design does when building your site is take the time to modify the Joomla Core itself as well as each of the extensions to ensure that your website has a uniform look and feel throughout. Many of the extensions are built by different people or companies so by default, they each have different coloring and styling as well as the often have the companies logo in them. We remove the logos and clean up the look to match your site's custom designed template that we build for you.

Below is a list of just some of the features your website can offer.

  • Photo Gallery
  • Forum
  • Guestbook
  • Message Board
  • Newsletter System
  • E-Commerce (anywhere from 1 or 2 items to fully featured Online Stores accepting payments through PayPal or Google Checkout)
  • Donation systems for Non-Profit organizations
  • Contact Forms
  • Private/Member Only Areas
  • Facebook Share/Like buttons

This is just a partial list of the features your site can include.

If you are ready to have us start building your site right away or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Form available from the menu above and we will be happy to assist you.