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Website Redesign/Reconstruction

Do you have an existing website that just no longer represents you the way you want it to anymore? Perhaps the content is outdated and no longer relevant. Perhaps it just looks old and dated compared to other sites you see online. Maybe you just want to add more content or features to your site such as a photo gallery, forum, newsletter system, or the ability to sell products online.

Chances are, if your current website is more than 3 years old, it is not built to meet current web standards. No matter what your reason for wanting an update is, we are here to help. The situation we see most often is that someone is happy with the content, but wants the look of the site to be updated to make it more appealing and for the visitors to navigate.

We will look at your current site, talk to you about your concerns and/or issues with the current site, then we will work with you to design a new, refreshed, and modern web standards compliant site to replace your old one. In most cases, we will even handle the transfer of any data, content, media, etc... that you wish to retain from your old site to your new site.

Contact us via our Contact Us page and be sure to include a link to your current site as well as any ideas you have just off the top of your head. You do not need to go into major detail yet, just enough for us to have a rough idea of what you are wanting to accomplish so we are better prepared when we contact you.